I’m Back

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It’s been awhile since I posted to my blog. Health issues have kept us busy these last 8 months but now that we have a clear way to travel, I’ll get back to posting.

We dusted off the moss on the Blue Heron and set those wheels rolling on the 12th of November for more than a week here or there. We are off for a 4 month travel fest for the first time in a lot of months. It has been 2 years since we have gone to Arizona for any length of time.

We left home in the dreary rain and clouds of Sutherlin and the weather didn’t let up all through Oregon. We stopped in Grants Pass to see Alice, my BFF. We share birthdays this month, so we met for lunch and the exchange of gifts.


We met at the Laughing Clam on G Street and had a lovely lunch. She got me the coolest bracelet! It is lime green and wraps around my wrist.


It was made for the Noonday Collection . A very interesting organization to help others. Check it out.

I gave Alice some scalloped round place mats and napkins we found in Coos Bay. Her favorite color!

After lunch we headed to a boondocking site we found on our last trip that way. We pulled in about 5 p.m. and got set up and had some dinner. It turned out to be a long day but we had a restful night – so quiet and dark out.


The next morning we decided to take a look at the ski area at Mt. Shasta. It was a beautiful day full of sun and blue sky. Please understand that this was a treat for us after spending a lot of our time under fog and rain and cloudy skies at home!!!

Mt. Shasta is behind the pine tree. This is the back side and notice – not much snow.

After taking a look we headed to McCloud, CA for a cup of Chai tea for me and coffee for Dale. We found a cute coffee/gift shop at the McCloud General Store. We enjoyed looking at everything there. I bought a pair of earrings and a wonderful, warm hat for my daughter, Lesa for Christmas. Her days in Germany are getting colder.

Before we left I had to get some photo’s of the McCloud Hotel. In the 1960’s mom and I and some girlfriends would drive from Klamath Falls to McCloud where my dad was logging. We would stay at this hotel. Brought back some good memories.



We also stopped for lunch at a rest stop. The day was so warm and nice.




We hit Reno traffic about 4 and it kind of freaked me out. I’m not use to people doing 65 on 3 lanes of highway with off-ramps every mile. We pulled into Verdi and found a space and heaved a great sigh of relief. Needless to say, we slept very well last night regardless of I-80 outside our door and the train tooting its horn every who knows what time.

Now to spend time with family! Get to do some hugging on some grandkids!

Life is good. God is amazing and has held my hand for 8 long months!


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