Time in Central Oregon

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After my doctor appointment, we got the trailer ready to take a short trip to the Sisters/Bend area. It takes us about 3 hours to get to Suttle Lake in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. 

The sun was shining in a blue sky which made for a wonderful drive up the McKenzie River Highway. The scenery on Highway 126 is so lush and beautiful this time of year. 

We arrived at Suttle Lake in the afternoon and drove through 3 campgrounds until we found a “first come, first serve” campsite in the Link Creek C.G. We found a semi-secluded site, in the partial sun just on the edge of the lake. If you know Morgan, she headed right for a good swim! 



Our camp was worth the $8 a night. Garbage and water provided. 



Even though the clouds and rain came, we had a good time touring the back roads and little lakes to the south of Suttle Lake. 


We had breakfast at the Suttle Lake Lodge one morning. It is awful, being a ex-line cook, and knowing some tricks of the trade and then critiquing the meal. We were not impressed with their $13 flat omelet and frozen potatoes. We did, however, have a very “up” and friendly waitress that made for a good experience.


We enjoyed our stay and touring. But time to go find some dispersed camping and give our solar a good workout! 

Life is good. God’s promises are real!


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