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Well, if you read  my blog you notice that my last two posts were not finished. I was using my smartphone and the WP app and waaalaaa, there you are…posted without finishing and without photo’s. The photo’s were on my phone but for some reason (????) my posts posted when I thought I was just turning them into a draft. User error? Probably. But I would rather say the ‘smartphone’ was having a malfunction. That’s my story and blah, blah blah. 

So, I will try to finish these two posts. 

May 2013
May found us in Florence Oregon attending our SKP Chapter 9 Rally at the Oddfellows CG

with 18 other rigs.Image We had a fun 3 day rally ending Saturday night with the most delicious BBQ’d salmon dinner we have ever had. We will remember this dinner for a long time. 


After dinner we had a “White Elephant” auction that netted over $200. (This paid for the salmon) Dale bought a sun tea gallon jar for $9 and I bid and got a backpack from Mexico for $8. We had fun so no biggie. Where in this world can you buy a “all you can eat” salmon dinner for $17? (Not to mention I won the 30/20/10 drawing twice and came away with $44. 

We left the Odd Fellows and went up the coast to Yachats. Five miles north of Yachats is Tillicum Beach CG that sits on a small cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We had a great spot and our own ocean view veranda. 



Mind you, this day was the only sunny day we had on our week “vacation.”  Rain and more rain kept us pretty damp. 

While we were here, we drove up to Newport to the Oregon Cost Aquarium. We had never been there and enjoyed seeing the different kinds of marine life. A huge octopus; all kinds of fish; a large crab; tufted puffins, otters, seals…. 

Our favorite was the “Passage of the Deep” where we watched sharks swim and different fish. 






After 3 days here enjoying the sound of the ocean *I mean going to sleep to the roar of the ocean and one we missed when we moved* we set the wheels rolling down the coast back to our first stop …Myrtlewax CG. Of course, being over 62, we have an “old age” pass to get 1/2 off in all National Forest CG’s and free to all National Parks. So camping costs were low. Also note there are no hookups, but most have water. And now that we have our 28′ travel trailer we can get into some of the campgrounds on the coast. 


View from the trail looking out to the ocean. I decided to walk to the ocean one day while Dale was out biking. The 3/4 mile turned into 1.5 miles on a road made of deep sand. It was hard going but I made it and enjoyed being on the beach. Yep, 1 more sunny day. 


Dale came home one day and said, “Let’s go ride the sand dunes! So off we went. For $12 each, we hopped on the Sanddune Frontiers buggy with 25 other people and headed out to the dunes. 


What fun we had! This is a must do if you don’t already have a vehicle to go sand duneing!



These are called “islands” with water that is very pure and can be drinking water. It is tested. There were many of these island out on the dunes, which stretched about 62 miles up and down the coast. The driver took us UP and DOWN steep dunes. We all screamed like we were on a carnival ride!

We enjoyed our time in May on the Oregon Coast. It was good to get out and on the road again. Our June trip will take us into Central Oregon and the Bend/Sisters area. 

Life is good. God, well, He is our creator and gave us wheels to hit the road and see His creation. 


2 thoughts on “Gee!

    Sue Millar said:
    June 30, 2013 at 3:35 am

    What beautiful country! Seems so strange to see you in jeans and jackets when we are sweltering!

    Paulina said:
    July 1, 2013 at 9:28 am

    We can’t wait to move to Oregon and explore another of God’s beautiful places. 🙂

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