A Whole New Life……

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based on Whole Foods and plant-based foods. Yep. We are starting on a journey to becoming healthier. Dale read a book called “The China Study” and is convinced that we can be healthier in our “old age.” I also found a great website with much information. It’s call Forks over knives. Link above on whole food.

This is taking a lot of research on our part to find the best whole foods when shopping and searching our recipes that taste good and are good for us. Trust me, a lot of trial and error is going on until we perfect the kinds of foods we like sans the meat and dairy. And, yes, you can now call us almost true vegan! Actually, you can probably call us Vegan-lite!

On our shopping trip to the grocery store we found a “no cheese” pizza. Ever hear of something like that? Almost sacrilegious to say pizza and no cheese in the same sentence! However, we found it total, amazing (my granddaughters favorite word of the day) and  tasty.


Amy’s, we found out, is putting a plant in White City, Oregon for their soup line, so we thought we would give them some Oregon business. We found this pizza in the organic section of Sherm’s.


As you can see, it isn’t all that big and was $6.49. Which is kind of steep but knowing that the product was all organic and Whole Food safe, we gave it a go.

We had enough for a good lunch. We were satisfied and gave this a 10 for pizza’s – cheese or no cheese.

Life is good (we aren’t starving) and God supplies all our needs.

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