Weekend with Pa-Pa

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Dale is off to Reno with his mom to babysit the grandkids. Chloe is now 3 and Noah is 16 months.

If you have read Dale’s website, he has been busy making toys for the kids for Christmas. We didn’t send the Reno kids their gifts this last December because Dale was going to visit. The price of postage is so expensive any more, we were able to buy more gifts for them.

In this photo, Noah is playing with an engine and a couple of cars pulling logs and blocks. Dale has been working on this for a couple of months and it turned out wonderful. He used Purple Heart wood for the boiler. It is beautiful wood when finished.

chloeChloe is wearing an apron I made her. The material is full of bright colors and frogs. Dale made her a spoon and fork for helping mom in the kitchen. Dale also made her one of her favorite friends, Thomas the Engine.

Thomas has two pegs for coats and his face pops open to expose some little drawers that Chloe can hide her special things in. The kids got a lot more presents, but these ones will be special through the years because Pa-Pa made them. Who knows, one day they may be antiques!

We saw these hats at Micheal’s and couldn’t resist. Chloe is  putting hat and shovel to good use in the colder weather!


Life is good. God is hugging Betty!


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