A New Bird House?

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Friday we went to town so Dale could get his eyes checked, do some grocery shopping and craft shopping.

As always, we took Morgan with us. She loves riding in the truck in HER back seat. It was time to stop so she could get out, stretch her legs and do her thing. Since we were going to Fred Meyers because they have a good price on the pure cranberry juice we use, we stopped at Stewart Park Lake just next to Freddies.

This park is 236 acres that have many attractions for the residents of Roseburg to enjoy themselves. The lake also has many residents. Geese, ducks, white gooses and pigeons. People like to come here and feed all the residents of Stewart Park Lake. So they are not bashful about begging for food or getting right in your face!

Of course, when Morgan got out she immediately let out a bark and tried to chase the birds off. While Dale took her for a walk I sat and enjoyed the birds.

All of a sudden our truck became their new resting post!


They were pretty brave.


As I was taking a picture of the lake, a pigeon flew up on the mirror and said “I’m the fairest of all” and messed up the photo!

We hope to walk the trails in this complex when it gets warmer! Also attend some of the American Legion Baseball games.

Life is good. God needs to turn on His big heater – the sun. Darn cold here in Sutherlin.


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