Time for HO HO HO

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After much goodie baking, we took what was left of the goodies to the clubhouse for the annual Timber Valley SKP Christmas Party.

We had a good group of people that had gathered to eat and go through the “take one present or steal another’s present!” Thankfully, there were no white elephants wrapped up and sitting on the present table.

We sat around and chatted with the folks and enjoyed each others company. Coffee was brewing (as always) and people were vying for the first cup. Once the action started, everyone grabbed a seat and waited in anticipation for the pretty packages to reveal their contents.

As the evening wore on, the most popular presents were the wine, coffee liqueur, and a fancy pocket knife. Jerdis was the one who had to unwrap the most presents. And we had fun watching him! But it seemed he was the one to have his gifts “stolen.” He had to unwrap the last present, a flash light, and keep it. His meatloaf pan was snatched up right away and at the very end he lost his big container of biscotti.

When Dale’s number was called, he was next to last. He tried to feel up the gifts left, but was soon told to “Stop that!” and pick one. He chose an envelope that was sure to have $10 in cash in it. He wasn’t disappointed. (We spent it on a Dutch Bro this morning after my doctor appointment)

When my number was called I had to pick the tallest gift bag there. Yes, I just had to! Upon opening I found a wonderful bag with a large red mug, tea bags, coffee, hot chocolate and chocolate graham crackers. Nicely wrapped and so inviting. As I waved goodbye to every one walking to the door I was brought back with menacing threats! I tried to hide my gift from those coming after me and Irene had her eye on it and made a couple of passes by me with a gleam in her eye. When the evening ended, I still had my package and Irene had been the one to purchase it!!! She really wanted it but one rule “You can’t take your own gift” rang in her ears and she had to by pass me.

Reds my favorite color!
Reds my favorite color!

We have received more Christmas cards than we have ever gotten in our 12 years together. We also come home to find goodies on our doorstep. The people here have been so kind and generous. We feel very welcome and included.

Merry Christmas to all our friends and a very Happy New Year! May God bless you richly with His love, His peace, and His Son, Jesus.


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