I’ve Been Waiting

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for this great product. The Nutri Bullet!

nutriI have used a Bullet for many years now. I usually whip up my morning or lunch smoothie. Also salsa a time or two. It has many uses though and is a small type blender that fits awesomely in the R.V.

However, the new Nutri Bullet pulverizes what you put in it and brings it to a very smooth consistency. I use Chia seeds and blueberries and now that I have the Nutri, I don’t have to worry about skins and seeds finding crevices in my mouths. The benefit to this is that nothing is lost nutrition wise by using veggies, fruit, nuts, and seeds.

Dale has gotten into the smoothie trend. We have recipes that incorporate leafy greens/veggies, fruit and nuts. There are recipes for detoxing, the immune system, energy, aging and a pick-me-up. Yes, doing this goes through a lot of veggies and fruit, but the results are worth it. Getting our daily amount of fruits and veggies is made easy – just drink them.

Today’s smoothie consisted of organic greens, spinach, carrots, cabbage, a little red pepper and onion, pear, kiwi, banana, apple, and blueberries. Add Cran Water (pure cranberry and water, diluted), Chai seeds, flaxseed oil with omega’s, cinnamon and oat bran. Let the Nutri Bullet do its thing and presto! Breakfast that tastes wonderful.

This is a birthday gift from Doris, my mother in marriage. Thank you so very much Doris!

Life is good. God protects, provides and blesses us! Amazing.

P.S. This also helps to lose some of those unwanted pounds that have taken up residence on the body!


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