Rain, Rain, Rain

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We are being hit hard by a storm. Winds out of the south made us put our awing down so as not to damage it. The trellis for the Choke Cherry Vine blew over but the pansy basket hanging on the side of the shed is still there! Sure glad of that because I wouldn’t want the deer getting a sweet snack.

Yesterday we went to the Sewing Bee to purchase my birthday present. I’m getting a new Viking Emerald sewing machine. The store had only one in stock and a woman from Grants Pass was coming to get it so we had to order mine. Bummer. I was already to take it home and get to sewing. It should arrive after Thanksgiving and we are hoping for Friday! The good news is that we got a huge discount for having to do this. Now, who does that any more. We can wait for $140.

Dale took me to a birthday lunch at the Mark V in Roseburg. Now, that isn’t the Mark 5 as we found out. V is for Mark’s (the owner) last name of Vincent. Food was excellent. The building a little run down.

I finished off the evening play Hand and Foot at the clubhouse with Connie Sue, Trudy and George. Fun evening with popcorn too! The 2 G’s won the game.

Life is good. In times of stress or trouble, let go and let God lead. He knows what is best for us.


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