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November is a busy month for us with birthdays of family and friends.

We start the birthdays for November on October 28 for my second granddaughter, Courtney. She is a whole 16 years old this year. I just love that face.

Courtney is on the right. Her friend came to visit!

On November 1, we celebrate the birthday of my oldest grandson, Dustin. Oh, was he ever a cutie pie when he was born. Sigh, it seems like yesterday. He is just as goofy now. But very handsome.

November 3 birthday was added 3 years ago. Dale’s son and DIL had a daughter, Chloe. She is a corker! Very precious.

November 4 is a memorable day for me. My daughter was born on a Sunday about 3 pm. I won’t post her age, but she is getting old!!!!

Isn’t she beautiful.

November 11 – Melanie Padgett was born to my son, David. He calls her stinky! She is now 18 and a senior in high school. She is also a beauty and has a sweet heart.

November 13 is a triple birthday in our house. Dale’s mom, Amika and Morgan were born on this day. Only 70 some years apart.

Amika is on the left. I showed the dogs when they were pups. We had just picked them up when this photo was taken. They were and are still  so darn cute. They are our joy!

On the 15th of November, a very good friend celebrates her birthday. I traveled to Grants Pass yesterday to go to her “girls” luncheon. Alice (known as Allie) has the sweetest smile and a big, big heart.

We met at Blondies and had a very nice lunch. Food was excellent. Fun was had by all and Allie’s birthday was celebrated by getting scarves, and bling. She was one happy lady!

I bring up the last of the birthdays – November 22. Blossom Hess gave birth to her only daughter, ME!
So you see, November is always a busy month figuring out what presents to buy each special person in my life.

Next month is another set of birthdays between Dale and me. John our SIL, Jacob our grandson, Dale’s son Joe, and my longtime friend and sweetheart, Penny.

I am blessed. Life is good. God is our creator and He made some very special people and dogs.



2 thoughts on “Birthdays

    Dawn Dean said:
    November 20, 2012 at 8:26 am

    Happy Birthday, Gwen! Happy sewing on your new machine!
    I am still out here enjoying your’s and Dale’s postings. Loved the video of Dale explaining to his mom how to assemble the clock he made her. With his thorough instructions, I am sure his mom had it up and running in no time. 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    God’s continued blessings to you and yours,
    Dawn in Iowa

    Gwen responded:
    November 20, 2012 at 8:37 am

    Thank you so much Dawn. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours also.

    Yes, she did get the clock put together with the help of her daughter. She called to tell us that it is sitting in a very prominent place in the living room and how Dale Sr. loved the song “don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone but me.”

    Thanks for reading along with us.

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