A Day on the Oregon Coast

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Last Sunday Dale and I decided to get out of Dodge. So we hopped in our Dodge (Big Blue) and put its wheels to rollin’.

Before we lef,t we decided to frequent one of our favorite places for breakfast in our area – Tolley’s. They have good food and their prices are very affordable. Just a friendly neighborhood soda fountain/cafe in the friendly town of Oakland.


Oakland, OR


Our day trip to the coast was a two part journey. We were on an expedition to find a camping spot for our month on the coast next year and to just get away and enjoy the day.

Winchester Bay was our destination. Friends are going to be camp hosts at the county park so we wanted to check it out. We really didn’t like the park. It is okay for those ATVers that come on the weekends to have fun at the sand dunes but not for a quiet vacation. We decided the place wouldn’t get any sun if the sun decided to come out and bless us with its rays!

On the way, we stopped at a popular tourist attraction, the Dean Creek Elk Viewing.

The RV resort across the street is an awesome park. The Salmon Bay Marina is around it on 3 sides. However, it is pretty costly. Nice, nice spaces with full hookups. Didn’t think to get photo’s as we have been here before.

After we checked these places out, we drove on down to the state park and found our rig would not fit there. So we stopped off to take photo’s of the Umpqua Lighthouse that guides ships into the mouth of the Umpqua River.

The triangle looking thing is the oyster beds. The Umpqua River to the right behind the jetty.
The Umpqua Lighthouse.
Recreation area for ATV’s.


Our day was dreary with low clouds and a drizzle of rain. Just being out doing and seeing felt so good though. We decided to take this journey up the road to Florence, checking out campgrounds a long the way. Most National Forest Campgrounds were closed and the ones that weren’t were for tenters and those with ATV’s.

We decided Florence was a far as we wanted to go on this day. We had found a Lane Country Park on another trip so we thought we would see if their daily rate for the winter was different from their summer rates. Nope – $25 a day for full-hookups and electricity. This may be our destination. (Ken and Delores (across the street from us) go to another place a little farther up North so we are waiting for photo’s and information on that park.) for next year. This park is clean, with nice space and privacy. It would make a good home-base.

We were getting hungry -Tolley’s breakfast kept us going until about 3 – so we went into old town Florence. Janet and Ralph have a favorite place to eat here, but reservations are a must as we gazed at the over-full parking lot. We settled on The Bridgewater and had a delicious meal. Dale ordered the blackened oysters and I had their seafood chowder and a salad. Their bread was wonderful – hearty, nutty and homemade.


Wouldn’t you know it, but a yogurt shop was right across the street from the restaurant. We saw it going in to dinner and decided to save room for dessert! Yum.

We couldn’t get out of town without stopping at their Fred Meyer’s. The store in Florence is much bigger than the one in Roseburg. I stopped in at the meat counter to pick up some fish and the steaks we like (and haven’t had for ages). I also decided to see if they had a rain coat. I’ve been looking, without success, for weeks. I settled on a wind and rain resistant jacket. They had a much better selection of styles and colors. The coat was 50% off (always an incentive) and we had a 15% off coupon. So this $100 coat was $42.50. Now that’s a bargain and it is so warm. I tried it out yesterday in the rain and it worked pretty darn good.

Our drive home was in the dark, rainy night. Dale is a trouper, though, and got us home safely. It was a very enjoyable day.

Life is good. God is our Protector!


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