Sort of Settled

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We have been on our lot now for 2 weeks. We are sort of settled! Which means our rig is sitting in the right spot.

We do like our lot. We have a view out the back window of the surrounding mountains. On the left of us, behind the shed, are 2 very mature pine trees so we feel a little “woodsy.”

Dale has painted the inside of the shed and has grand visions of a workshop where he makes toys for the grandkids. He is busy looking for the right tools and equipment. We went “second-hand” diving yesterday in Roseburg. Fred Meyer ended up with most of our cash though.

The weather has been beautiful. The last few days have brought in the fog and clouds which burn off by afternoon.

Our cat isn’t a happy camper. The neighbors complained about her being out so she is stuck inside until we build her an enclosed area out off the deck. Pssst….the neighbors are leaving for 10 days and in the winter go away for about 4 months so she can once again be free.

The park is slowly emptying. People head south to warmer winter months. However, there is a healthy number of all-year residents.

Life is good. God is amazing. A saying I received on Facebook today, “Don’t forget to pray today because God didn’t forget to get you up! Tickled me.


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