Lucheon with Happy SKP’s

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Yesterday we went to lunch in the late afternoon with the folks from the park. Every month they have a luncheon for the month’s birthdays and anniversaries. This month they went to Sizzler.

Now Sizzler has a great deal for seniors. You get a nice entree with their salad bar, baked potato and a drink. Along with the salad bar is soup and dessert. Now where can you beat a meal like that for no more than $12.

As always with this group there are those that can’t wait to eat at the appointed time. George got after those people when he asked everyone to come at the time scheduled and eat with everyone. Usually, there are those that come an hour earlier and are done by the time others arrive. This causes confusion with visitors when they come at the time scheduled only to find people walking out the door already finished eating. I don’t think George or anyone can stop this from happening. Very inconsiderate in my book!!!

We sat with people we didn’t know and had a great time. Everyone seems to be friendly with others being friendlier!

Dale and I were glad we went.


One thought on “Lucheon with Happy SKP’s

    Sharen said:
    July 1, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    Sounds like a great time…Sizzlers is one of my favorites!

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