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I know I haven’t updated in months. I thought it was time to blog again since we are getting ready to hit the road for the summer.

We have been in Sutherlin since the end of April. This is what we have seen:

1. Rain, clouds, warm weather, blue skies, angry skies. We have worn summer clothes when it was 88 and winter clothes when in the 40’s. We have had the air conditioner on one day and the heater the next. Mother Nature needs to make up her mind!

2. Deer, quail, turkeys, killdeers, woodpeckers, jack rabbits that Morgan likes to bark at. One day the turkey buzzards were circling our rig so I ran home to make sure Dale was still alive! They were enjoying the thermals.

3. Friendly, friendly people. We have been embraced with their thoughtfulness and their friendships. Jane and George, Beryl and Joan, Howie and Billie to name a few. I have played games with them all and had so much fun. This week is Rally Days for Chapter 9 and we joined in the festivities. Bingo tag started the day. Later in the afternoon was the Horse Races where we were divided into 6 teams and one person had to be the jockey and we had to make a horse. Miss Lucky was our horse and I was the jockey. As you can see in this photo Miss Lucky and I are out in front. We won 1 of the 6 races. Betting was a dime!

4. Our trip to the coast to see the sandcastles in Cannon Beach was a success. We rented a car and cruised over to cloudy but warm days. We stayed in Tillamook the first night and in Yachats the second night in a little motels right on the beach. We parked on the beach and got stuck! Some big guys came along and pushed us to freedom. We then had lunch at Mo’s on the beach. If you have never gone up or down the Oregon Coast you are missing one of nature’s beauties. We never get tired of our coastline.

5. We learned how to play Bocci Ball.What fun. Women rock!!!

We have had a ball here at Timber Valley Park. We have moved up 7 spaces since April and are told we will move up more in July because the maintenance fee is due for the year and people end up leaving.

And lastly, our grandkids. Chloe will be 3 in November and Noah will be 1 in September.


One thought on “Re-Connecting

    Sue Millar said:
    June 22, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Chloe is getting so big…and that red hair! It is beautiful. Noah is a doll, think his hair will be red? Have fun as you take off on your summer trip!

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