Vancouver, Washington

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This past weekend we rented a car from Enterprise ($35 for 2 days unlimited miles) and drove up to Vancouver (about 170 miles away) to meet up with Doris, Dorana and Sandy to help celebrate Dale’s father’s sister’s 95 birthday. They had flown in from Sacramento.

We met them at the Farmers Market in the Esther Short Park. Since the day was beautiful and warm, people were out in hordes. The market was well attended with food booths, plant booths and those winter veggies. Since it was lunch time, Doris bought us fish and chips and the cod was delicious.

Our next trek took us about a block south to some walking/biking paths the city has made along the Columbia River. The views were gorgeous as were the grounds.

Columbia River, I5 bridge.

Later that day we went to the B&B where mom was staying. She belongs to a group of women called PEO. One of her “PEO sisters” opened their home to them so they could stay there. Breakfast was also provided.

Then we found our way via “Navigator” on the  Smart phone to Little Italy where the family was gathering for dinner. As you can see, this side of the Prohaska family is on the large size! The food was delicious and the company even better. It was good to see everyone as it had been about 10 years. Louise had good birthday and snagged some great presents.

Little Italy

Louise in center; Doris on right and Gloria, Boyce’s widow (Boyce is Dale’s father’s brother) Louise’s other brother, Bob, was at home. We missed him and Myrtle.


from the left, Dorana, Sandy Dale (Dale Sr. side) Louise (Dale Sr. Sister), Carmen (Boyce’s side) Sharon and Deanna (Louise’s daughters). They are arranged by age (youngest on the left and oldest on right) Boy did they have fun ribbing each other.


After the party we got in our rental and zipped across the bridge into Portland, OR to make our way home. We finally stopped in Woodburn to get a good nights sleep and went on home the next day. It was too hot to leave Morgan in the car to go shopping at the Woodburn Outlets or in Eugene. So we just came home to a hot house and a hot evening! Love this weather.

Life is good. God works out every detail. Thanks Lord for a safe journey for everyone!


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