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I know it’s been awhile since I was on here. We have been keeping busy.

We were at Park Sierra in Coarsegold, CA for 6 weeks and enjoyed ourselves immensely. The park is a busy place with happenings going on all the time. Stagecoach Daze happened while we were there. This is an “in-park” activity to raise money for Oak Sierra, the group that puts on all activities and food events. What a turn out they had.

We went on a hay-ride tour of the park with some history thrown in from original park owners and builders. It was fun but hot! We also entered the 50/50 pot. For $15 we got our arms lengthen of tickets. We won their biggest pot yet. $480. Many people congratulated us but others, well, not very happy that a “renter” won. The next night the pot was divided to 60/40 with two winners.

We were invited up to Janet and Ralph’s son’s condo by Shaver Lake. We were to spend the night. Well, we ended up spending two nights in this wonderful place – due to ….

Yep, it snowed pretty much 48 hours straight. When we arrived there was a skiff on the ground. Ralph and Janet carried out a couple of feet on their trailer roof when they left. Thankfully, the weather cleared up and the snow begin to melt so they could get out with their trailer. The roads were clear because of the snow plows. But it was beautiful and cold. We had fun eating, playing cards and watching TV. Nothing like being stranded because of weather in a warm house with friends.

We are now at Timber Valley SKP in Sutherlin, OR. We were here in February also. Our space is at the very top of the park on Hilltop Dr. The view is wonderful. We like it up here. Remember, we were down on the outer loop by the creek last time. We are getting to know our neighbors and we are 16 on the waiting list for a lot. They are telling us we might be in here in 2 months but we don’t believe that. 16 people would have to leave first.

Our view looking out to the North over the town of Sutherlin.

Taking Morgan for a run down by the storage lot. The walk dead ends at the creek. It’s a good place to let Morg run because the park has a leash rule, which is good. We will be here until the end of June. We have gone to two meals: Breakfast put on by the Men’s Cooking Group and Taco’s last night where 80+ people showed up. It was too bad they didn’t have a program planned because we visited with folks, ate and left. Came home and watched the movie “War Horse.” Slow, but good. Ralph and I have played Pokeno and 18 people showed up. What a fun time we had and we won some too. We also went to Bingo and won a couple of bucks. Literately. The pots aren’t as big as Park Sierra but doesn’t cost much to get a card either.

Life is good and we are so very happy to be in Oregon! It’s home, you know.


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