A Day of Miracles

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Lesa and I believe that God have His hand in our life day in and day out. We believe that God is in the little things as well as the big things. Being His child gives us access to Him in so many ways. I want to share with you some of those things that were miracles to us from the hand of God. For us, and I hope for you, recognizing God in our life brings joy to your heart and glory to God. .

On the Thursday before the kids flew out of Ontario, CA, Lesa spent 4 hours on the phone securing reservations for the pets. She had already done this weeks before and thought it was taken care of. YET…
On the Friday before they were to leave, they spent all day in Sacramento trying to get the USDA papers filled out correctly so the pets could get into Germany. When they left Sacramento with the papers they were not totally correct.

Day of the Flight:

Kids arrived at 4 a.m. to get the pets loaded and then themselves through security and on board the plane.

The man checking in the pets didn’t have a reservation for the cat. He got on the phone, waited on hold,was hung up on, called back and finally secured a reservation for the cat.

Miracle #1 The airline didn’t charge the kids the $750 to fly the pets due to their many errors. (Lesa learned patience through days of hassling.) Due to the time it took for the pets, the kids were late for their flight.

Miracle #2
The pet check in guy took the kids to the head of the security line. They then had to run “the walk of shame” with pants held tight with one hand so they wouldn’t fall down and luggage in the other and shoelaces flapping. (no time to put belts back on or tie shoes) They were laughing all the way. The gate attendant was holding their flight.

Miracle #3
Luggage was overweight but not checked in.

Miracle #4
Flights to Denver to Washington D.C to Germany – no problems. Even when John’s seat was elsewhere and not with Lesa and Courtney. He was able to move where they were. (the military makes the plane reservations)

Lesa’s tummy was in knots thinking her pets would either be sent back to the USA or put in quarantine for 30 days up on arrival in Germany because the papers weren’t correct.

Miracle #5
Upon arrival no one was at the Immigration desk so they sailed through.

Miracle #6
The baggage man had the pets on a cart ready to go. When Lesa asked about the papers, he laughed and said that was the USA not Germany who put so much importance upon them. He didn’t even look at them, messed up and all. The kids took their pets with them. Katie, the dog, didn’t pee once in 15 hours. She about broke through the door getting out!

Miracle #7
They were met at the airport and transported to the motel in Velseck. They were in a van, doing 100 mph on the autobahn, and the driver was answering all their questions. Lesa said she was a bit “white knuckled.” Safely delivered!

Miracle #8
Once at the motel, the kids checked in and got into their room. “Knock, Knock.” At the door is the DO’s wife of John’s unit with food, water and information about the base. Remember this was late at night! She offers herself as appointed driver to take them house hunting, phone shopping, bank shopping and whatever they need. She will most likely become a good, good friend.

Miracle #9
On the second day in Germany, the kids go house hunting. Lesa happens to mention to the person in charge of housing that John just got back from a tour in Korea. Boom! From 7 on the list to #1. They move into their house on the 11th, which at this writing is tomorrow for the kids!

Their house is in base housing about 20 minutes from Velseck. It is a new tri-plex house. Only one other person has lived in this house! They are also on the outside with a big driveway. I can’t wait to see it…via Skype.

Miracle #10
John runs into a JTAC of the Army in the laundry room of the hotel. John said he is a “good” person to know. John is a JTAC in the Air Force. He will be working with this person. This person also wanted them to get a house near him! Like next door!! Another friend made.

Miracle #11
For this Nana’s heart, this one is almost the best miracle. Courtney ran into a friend from Irwin! She was so happy to see a face she knew. She is very happy now that she has her phone!!!!

Miracle #12
David turned us onto a text app so we don’t have to pay for text messages internationally. For me this is the a biggie also because now I am connected to my daughter and granddaughter 24/7.

Scripture tells us that God goes before us and this is very evident in the 2 days of my family’s life. Even though I was a basket case when they left, I now have a peace that He is taking care of them better than I ever could. I’m sure I don’t know all that went on in those 48 hours but these are a few Lesa has shared with me.

Life is good. God is a BIG miracle in our lives!!!!


2 thoughts on “A Day of Miracles

    Sue Millar said:
    April 11, 2012 at 9:54 am

    Miracles do happen and you all are living proof! So glad to know things went well!

    Paulina said:
    April 11, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    God is so good. Praise be to God.

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