Walking……the dog……

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We have had some nice days, so Morgan and I have gone exploring in Park Sierra. The property is huge with fences running the boundary of the actual lots and a Coarsegold Creek on one side. This gives us a chance to tromp through the hills and valleys. Of course, Morgan loves to go swimming, so we need to make this a daily occurrence – at least when the sun is out and it is warm.

We also have a good time looking at all the different sites her in Park Sierra. They are 256 lots and they are all leased with a waiting list. It seems, from the people we have talked to, that they love their park. It shows in how they keep it up and how active they are. The calendar is full.

Ralph and I have been taking advantage of Bingo and Pokeno. Dale and Janet like staying home and doing their thing. So far, Ralph won 2 times at Bingo and so did I! Ralph wins more at Pokeno than I do. Good thing I go to have fun and listen to the gossip. Speaking of gossip, it seems Ralph and I put up a stir amongst the people here at the park. When we were talking with some gals we tried to explain that we weren’t married and that just didn’t sound right. Then we said we were friends. Well….Finally we had to explain the situation. One woman wanted to know if our spouses were with us! And did they know we were out together! Really, now! Where do her mind run……!!!!!!  We have had a good laugh about all this yet it seems each time we go to the clubhouse someone mentions “Oh I have heard….” Alas, the Kings left last Sunday so I lost my game buddy.

If you look close at the photo above you will see some signs on the right. Someone has a sense of humor. Up close they look like this…

So, if you believed these signs, we could wade the creek and go to Mexico to get our drugs!!!!

Life is good! What beauty God created!

One thought on “Walking……the dog……

    Sue Millar said:
    April 10, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    That looks like such a beautiful place, know you are enjoying the weather and walking with Morgan!

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