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We have been living the life here at Park Sierra.
I am making progress in this bronchitis and sinus infection. I almost feel like my old self.
A couple of days ago we got out our GPS’s and took off for Bass Lake. A beautiful area about 27 miles from us. The Kings had a coupon for breakfast at Duceys Restaurant at the lake. We were seated at the window that let us have a view of the marina and lake. I was almost reminded of my days at Howard Prairie but this restaurant was way far more elaborate. Our breakfast was good and we enjoyed our time together.
We like to Geocache. I downloaded the app to my phone and WOW, this is really cool. I was able to see caches close to the parking lot and then register the find on my Geocache page RIGHT FROM MY PHONE!

We found 4 caches around the lake that day. We ran into a man who put out the cache we were just finding. He was hard-core into geocaching with 4000 finds. Must not be a lot to do in this area all year!

We saw new territory and the day was so warm. We ended our day at an artist shop viewing all these pictures of rocks. He painted them, supposedly, from his imagination. They were incredible.

Life is good! God’s love lives in our hearts!


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