Park Sierria in Coarsegold, CA

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We drove the 140 or so miles from Lodi to Coarsegold on Monday. It was hard leaving Doris but she is doing so well.

We arrived at the park about 1 p.m. and they gave us a great space. We are not far from our friends, the Kings which makes it nice. Our spot has only one other member who is on the right of the rig. We look out our back window into a grassy area and then the canyon where the creek flows. It’s beautiful and quiet here.

We had our name on the list for this park at one time. Dale loves it here. Me, I’m more fond of pine trees than the scrub oak that dots the hillsides and park. We decided to take our name off because the park is in California. You know how we feel about California!!!

The park has many types of birds that are out singing all day. We watch the Turkey Hawks fly over the canyon. I’m waiting for an eagle! At night the frogs bring their own kind of music to the night sounds. Morgan has even gone swimming down in the creek and she thought she was in dog heaven.

We will enjoy our time here very much. I am hoping to get over the bronchitis and sinus infection that has invaded my body. Finally, went to a doctor since my cough wasn’t getting better.

Life is good. God has plans for us – not to harm us but to prosper us – to His glory!


One thought on “Park Sierria in Coarsegold, CA

    Sharen said:
    March 16, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    I hope you are keeping your name on the SKP Park in Sutherlin! I feel the same way about California!

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