Our Stay Here Is Almost UP

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Yep, our month’s stay here is coming to an end. We are in our last week of enjoying our time on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Hopefully, we will go out with sun, sun, sun!

We have had some pretty wet weather with a lot of high winds. We need to go somewhere warm and dry out!

In the mean time, I have knitted a cap for Caps for Cure and worked on crocheting coasters. That has been fun since I really don’t know how to crochet.

We did try out a very popular place according to Yelp for dinner. We went to Anna’s which by the way is not on the building that houses the restaurant. Wine & Bistro are painted on the front of the building.

We entered this very small room that had a total of 14 seats including the bar area. Beyond the bar was the open kitchen. We decided to go with Yelp comments and ordered the cheese plate for an appetizer. I went with the Mexican Shrimp that got high marks on Yelp. Dale had the cod.

Dale chose a German Riesling wine that was very, very good. He had only one glass though!

When we left Anna’s we were totally disappointed in many aspects of the place and the meal. My comment was “They need Chef Ramsey to come in and redecorate, redo the menu and teach them how to cook. For the money we paid, an hour for a meal was a total let down. Our plates were a glob of onions, celery and oil. The shrimp and the cod were good but the rest of the plate was lacking in flavor and color. If they would have given us a lime or lemon to add some flavor to the fish that might have saved this but not likely. Dale had cooked celery on the side while, like I said, I had grilled onions swimming in oil. Two small potato puffs topped off the meal. We didn’t get a good veggie, like asparagus that you would think would come with a meal costing $18.

My final thoughts on Anna’s is that all his friends wrote the comments on Yelp! Because his food was blah, not creative and a big blog of brown. So, not a good experience for us. We haven’t commented on Yelp and don’t know if we will. We were misled and don’t want others to be misled like we were however this is a small town business so bad marks don’t feel that good.

The ocean has been pretty rough and every time Morgan and I go down to the beach the high tide is in. Or it is raining! LOL…hopefully before we leave here we will get in a good beach walk.

We will be moving on to Sutherlin on Monday to take a look at the Escapee Park we have our name on the list for. We are 22 on that list.

Life is good. God brought some sun today. Awesome.


One thought on “Our Stay Here Is Almost UP

    Janice said:
    January 27, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    Hey Gwen – personally, I think you should do a review on Yelp – because – don’t you wish someone would have put an honest review there for you to read … so you wouldn’t have been so disappointed?



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