Out Our Bedroom Windo

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Right now we are being tossed around because of high winds and oodles of rain. We might run to the truck to take a ride up the Rogue River. Dale found some campgrounds we would like to check out. Rvers are always checking out their options.

As the title says, this photo was taken with my phone through our bedroom window.

There’s a tradition at Ireland’s and I don’t know the origins but campers/visitors to Ireland’s Rustic Cabins and RV Park are encouraged to grab a rock off the beach and paint it with whatever they choose. Most people do something in  “ocean” art along with their name and year they painted the rock.

Painted rocks surround a crab cage.


The rocks are placed on the south and north side of the lighthouse observation tower.

The observation tower, as you can see, is still pretty sturdy and safe to climb up to get a panorama view of the Pacific Ocean. One might also see a whale out there during migration.

Today I have been fighting the connection between my phone and my computer to download these photos to Adobe Photoshop. I finally got the problem fixed, however, when I synced my phone with my computer I came up with some photo’s that are not on this computer but on my external hard drive. I am scratching my head over this one, BUT one of the photos on my phone is of the rocks we painted back in 2005 while here in November for my birthday. Lesa and grand-kids were able to come over and stay the weekend with us. It was a glorious and gorgeous weekend and birthday!

Now I know what I am looking for in the rock pile. Let’s hope I can find our rocks. We used water based paints and the paint has probably washed off in the last 6 years.

Well I see my computer problems are following me to this blog. Don’t know where the underline came from but it keeps changing from red to black but won’t go away. I’m giving up!!!!

Life is good even in a wind/rain storm that keeps us inside. God lives in us and around us.


One thought on “Out Our Bedroom Windo

    Sue Millar said:
    January 18, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    Looks windy and cold! what a great idea with the rocks! Hope you find yours!

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