Our Reno Adventure

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Hello from cold, cold, cold Reno! And Merry Christmas from Dale and I! I’m sure Santa will be right at home here in Reno with the low temps.

We are here in Reno to help out with Dale’s son, Ben, and wife Kim. She had surgery this week and can’t do any big lifting – like a 27 pound daughter. So, we are here to keep an eye on the kids so Kim can rest. Dale and I have gotten to know Chloe better. We are now Papa and Nana and it has been a treat and a blessing to be with these two new grandchildren.

Noah, who is 3 months going on 4 months is such a delight. He coos and talks and throws back his head in a big laugh. The other Noah is a cranky butt but not for long. He is a happy baby.

Miss Chloe, on the other hand, is a 2-year-old. Need I say more? She is still one busy girl, not stopping for a moment. She is a big eater too. I have been able to lay on the floor with her and color; play airplane (ugh, she’s heavy) and she even let me put her down for a nap. I hope this time together cements a long-lasting relationship between us.

To help Kim rest, we bundled up Chloe and took her shopping. Now, mom and dad warned us she isn’t a good shopper. We didn’t have any problems with her at all. She was totally on her best behavior and had a good time. Our going to two stores turned into four stores but she enjoyed the whole experience.

Her favorite son right now is “Jingle Bells.” So we sing rounds and rounds and she is getting pretty good with the words. Especially the “HEY” part. She also enjoyed all the bumps in the parking lots so we made sure we gave her an extra thrill going over them. Oh, the things grandparents do to keep kids happy.

At Costco we visited some of the “free” foods and we bought her some grapes. (We will be eating grapes for a month if they last!) Here she is in the cart with Papa. She was sort of a stinker about getting in the seat and wanted to ride in the basket. (this grandma had tremors about her falling out of the cart.) Here she is sitting on said grapes!

Lunch time rolled around and not wanting to go to a restaurant and spend a lot of money and not having the child eat it, we opted for Wendy’s in the Wal-Mart. Yes, I know, fast food isn’t all that good but for $3 she had a good hamburger and apple juice. I won’t mention the french fries that were suppose to be apple slices, but she gobbled them down as we shopped through the store!

I don’t know who-wore-who out but Chloe went home to a nice nap and her grandparents went home to wrap presents for Christmas morning. Then back for an evening with good food, good company and play time again with Miss Chloe! Oh, some of her favorite words: NO, again, again, ready-set-GO and Mommy.

Christmas is ready to happen in the Prohaska house. Dale and Ben put together this easel to Chloe and Noah from Great-Grandma Doris. We will head out to their house this morning for a quick breakfast and then open presents with Mindy and Scott, Joe, and the rest of us. I can’t wait to watch Chloe and see if she catches on to Christmas.

Life is good even if it is 14 degrees out! God be glorified in our country at this time for sending His Son.

On a sad note: My daughter, Lesa and grandkids, Dustin and Courtney were supposed to stop by and spend the night with us as they travel to Oregon. However, the truck’s fuel pump went out so they had to stay home. I really, really miss them. Merry Christmas my loves.


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