Warm, Cold, Warm, Cold

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and so it goes. Our nights are really really cold but our friends in Arizona and Texas are getting even colder nights than we are. The sun comes out in the day (no more fog! yahoo) and heats up our trailer through the back window where, coincidently is where my chair is!

Dale is busy grading finals as this term is almost over. Out of 16 students 14 completed the final. I got in and started cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and trying to lighten the load. Amazing what happens while sitting for 4 months.

We have decorated up the house with purple lights, red lights and white lights. Also some garland, Ivy garland, gold and red Christmas balls and red snowflakes. My lighted red chili pepper light is center to remind me of our past Christmas’ in the desert. I also found a very small, live tree to set on our living room table. Now, just to get that “smell” of Christmas going in here!!

It has been a busy week. Sunday we went to church and lite the Peace advent candle. God’s peace through His son Jesus Christ. Boy, God has sure been blessing our home with peace during this time of grief and sorrow. Peace has been so tangible. Then Dale and I went shopping in Stockton at their 2 big malls while Doris went her way with friends for the afternoon. We found some great deals at Macy’s plus a 25% off all purchases. I was able to get a Martha Stewart Stainless Steel Chili Pot for a total of $18 and some change. Just right for the rig. Dale found some shirts as he is getting rid of his old shirts.

Then on Monday we attended a free concert at the Hutchins Street Square audiotorium where we were Wowed by the Golden West Air Force Band. A lot of Christmas music was played. They also had a film of troops overseas and there shouldn’t have been a dry eye in the place. It was quite moving. In all, the concert was incredible and much appreciated.

Tuesday found me cleaning the freezer and fridge. Yuck. And awful job as you all know but it got done and is ready for another month of use.

Dale is off to choir practice tonight and tomorrow night and the grand finale will be on Sunday. He has a cold, so please add him to your prayers that he will be able to sing. He has put a lot of time into this concert – The Joy of Christmas.

Friday we are off to the Loel Senior Center for their Christmas luncheon. They put on a pretty good lunch for those that want to partake in the community. And it is free!

That’s it for now. I am slowly getting the rig ready to travel. We will be going to Reno to spend the holiday with Ben, Kim, Chloe and Noah. We hope to get to see Joe and Mindy too!

From Dale and I – Merry Christmas! May God reveal through the celebrating this month of His Son, Jesus Christ, to you in big, big ways!

For Unto Us A Child Is Born Lyrics
Artist(Band):Amy Grant Review The Song (0)
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“For Unto Us A Child Is Born”
For unto us a Child is born,
To us a Son is giv’n;
The government shall rest on Him,
Th’ anointed One from Heav’n.
His name is Wonderful Counselor,
The Mighty God is He,
The Everlasting Father,
The humble Prince of Peace.

The increase of His government
And peace shall never end;
He’ll reign on David’s ancient throne
As ruler of all men.
Upheld with justice and righteousness,
Forever His kingdom will last;
The zeal of the Lord God Most High
Will bring these things to pass.

Lord Jesus, come now and reign in me,
Be Lord of my life this hour.
Come be my Counselor and my God,
My source of wisdom and power.
Watch o’er me with Your Father care,
My heart and my mind, fill with peace.
I worship You, my Lord and King,
My praise will never cease.


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