A Special Treat

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If you have followed my blog for long you know that November is the month we celebrate birthdays in my family. This past weekend I had several special treats for my birthday.

Dorana and Sandy made us a very lovely lunch at Dorana’s and Robin’s house on Sunday. Everything was so delicious and festive. Doris, Dale and I took friends Marge and Larry up to Elk Grove to celebrate my turning a year older! We ended lunch with an Apple/Chocolate cake Sandy made and it was so yummy. I was even treated to presents! Morgan got 2 stuffed toys from her sister, Amika. It was a very good day for all of us.

I was sitting quietly on Tuesday when my phone rang. My daughter, Lesa, was singing happy birthday to me! We talked for about an hour. My sweet hubby gave me a birthday kiss. I had already gotten my present from him back in October. A Samsung Galaxy Tablet! My son, David, popped up in my in box with a gift card from Barnes and Noble. Yay, I can buy more books for my Nook! Then about mid morning I got a text from my daughter to expect my present and wasn’t I going to be surprised. I texted back that we already did our present giving when I was there to visit in October. Well, the text that came back said, ” HAHAHAHAHA, won’t you be surprised.” I did not know what she was talking about until there was a knock at my door.

Yep, a bouquet of edible fruit from an Edible Fruit store here in Lodi. Lesa’s comment, “Boy, that was fast!” Dale and I are now enjoying cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, pineapple flowers dipped in chocolate, and cinnamon apples slices dipped in chocolate. What a nice and very unique gift!

Dale took me to lunch at “Cactus” (which brought on memories of the desert and Arribas in Phoenix) for a nice Mexican lunch and we did some shopping at our favorite store, Costco.

That evening Dale got an email from Amazon about 1 cent phones. I don’t know if Dale has said anything on his blog but he wants a smartphone so bad that we are tired of hearing about it. Well, this email came and he jumped on it and we both ended up with smartphones and new account with Verizon. Another unexpected present for both of us! We can’t wait to get them. Verizon wouldn’t ship them here to Lodi so they will arrive in Grants Pass and our dear friend Alice will get them to us – hopefully today!!! We already have our new phone numbers and can’t wait to start playing on them. And that, folks, is what I hope the last electronic toy that comes in this house!

Ok, I’m done with the “all about me.” Dale and I wish you all a wonderful day to remember all the good things you have been blessed with this year. Don’t eat too much and have fun with your family and friends. Life is not only short but it is good too!!!

May God be glorified through remembrance of His many blessings this year.



One thought on “A Special Treat

    Sue said:
    November 24, 2011 at 7:22 am

    What a wonderful day for you! We are all so blessed with wonderful friends and family!

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