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November 13 is a special day. Not only does Dale’s mom, Doris, celebrate her birthday but our beautiful Golden Retrievers were born on this day also 11 years ago. I know what you are saying. “Are they 11 already?” Yep, they sure are. But first, let us celebrate Doris’s birthday.

After church yesterday we were invited to one of Doris’ friends for lunch. Lee said she was going to prepare lunch for the 7 of us! We were so surprised because she had the most wonderful lunch prepared – thanks to Costco!

We arrived to find a beautiful set table with exquisite dishes. Also invited were her son and wife and grandson and another old friend of Dale Sr, Fred (you may have read about him on Dale’s blog.) Lee served us Chicken Pot Pie, a beautiful and tasty salad, sweet potatoes, rolls and homemade applesauce topped with yogurt. For dessert we had chocolate birthday cake and ice cream. We all went home full to the top!

We aren't say how old Doris is because it all had to do with math and being 43.

Doris received some very nice gifts and we all had an enjoyable time. Ben and Kim weren’t able to attend because, for some reason, Chloe would not settle down and sleep the night before so she was in a very cranky, crying mood.

Now to the girls or sisters, as we call our precious dogs.

We picked Morgan out of a litter of 9 dogs back in December of 2000. It was a hard decision because all those pups were so darn cute. They painted her tail yellow on the tip so we would know which dog we chose. At the time we were going to pay $350 for her. She is a purebred and we could have gotten papers on her.

Dale’s sister Dorana came for a visit. We were going to an outing at Sunriver, OR that weekend with our singles group (another story) so Dorana came with us. We were also going to pick Morgan up on the way. She was in Glendale so that made it easy. When we got to the house there was one puppy left and Dorana couldn’t resist. She offered to buy the pup but added “Since we are buying two dogs do we get a discount?” Yippers! They took a $100 off each dog. Our Blue Light Specials!

On the way to Sunriver it hit us that dogs were not allowed at our singles functions AND they were probably not allowed in the houses at Sunriver.

When we arrived no one was around so we snuck the dogs into the bedroom that was ours. The only time the dogs were allowed out was  for  poddy breaks. Dale or Dorana would go around the outside of the house and we would open the window and hand the dogs out the window so they could do their business and then hand them back in. When meal times came along one person would have to stay back in the room to babysit the dogs. They would get rambunctious and growl and bark at each other and play tug a war with the bed skirt. However, people would ask where is so-in-so and we had to make up excuses. We had so many good giggles that weekend. It was hilarious. Especially, when we went out and a dog toy was stuck under the windshield wipers of our vehicle!

The two girls curled up together.

Dorana and I did get the dogs out in the snow for a walk. Amika is in red and Morgan in black. We did get caught by a guy who I didn’t know and we asked him to not tell anyone. About 2 or 3 years later I asked a friend staying with us if he knew we had two pups in the house and he didn’t have a clue. Whew!

We took the girls hiking at Smith Rock in Redmond. Morgan was quite the hiker even then at 9 weeks. If you didn’t guess, purple is her favorite color!

One of our favorite picture of the girls. She didn't quite fit in the kayaks!
She's Miss Anal about her balls and toys.
Morgan and Amika at Grandma's house.

We still have some good laughs about our weekend with our new pups. Good, good memories that is for sure.

That's our girl!

Life is good…Happy Birthday to loved ones! (if you know Goldens you know they aren’t dogs. They think they are people.)


One thought on “Birthdays!

    Lynn Goranson said:
    November 14, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    What a lovely tribute to Morgan and his sister Gwen. I know how special our 4-leggers are and each birthday we have with them is a true blessing indeed. Happy Birthday to you girlfriend and may you have a real blast. love and hugs

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