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Tonight, Lesa and I attempted another session of Bingo to see if we could come home a winner. Only we forgot to contact the Bingo Gods for success.

When we went to the Senior Center last Wednesday we were very fortunate to find a table of people who like having fun. During the session they told us when, where and what time Bingo is played in Barstow. (Bingo is played 7 days a week in Barstow) We were only half listening but thought we might drive into Barstow on Sunday and play. Well, the kids decided they wanted to have their birthday party on Saturday and we knew we didn’t want to be here listening to kids having fun playing video games, so we decided to go to Bingo.

Oh, where do we go? We had to drive around from place to place until we found the organization sponsoring Saturday night Bingo session. We found open doors at St. Josephs. which takes up a whole block with their church, school, and cafeteria. We were in the cafeteria and there was a huge Bingo crowd there.

We had an hour to kill, so we decided to have dinner before going to Bingo. We picked a couple of places because I was having a “hamburger attack” but then changed our mind to Weinerschnitzle but they weren’t in Lynnwood. We ended up at Denny’s and they had a great hamburger and seasoned fries.

We did find a couple of friends from the other day, Gabe and Linda. We sat next to them and had a few laughs and a few arghs when the numbers just didn’t come up for us.

Lesa getting ready to dauber her way to a win! Linda in background. She didn't know her picture was being taken!

We did get down to one number few times but evidently the caller needs to be bribed! Thankfully, this game for Lesa and I is a mother/daughter bonding time and for fun. Because we don’t win a dime!

We were given a dauber with our first packet tonight. How generous!


We have come to call ourselves “Wanna-be Winners” because we just don’t get the right numbers in the sequence needed to win!

A good time was had by all………..


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