Big Bear California (continued)

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While in Big Bear we drove up to the ski area. Last year, Courtney took a bus with her school class to go snowboarding. She wanted to show us where she had so much fun.

On the way there we saw a ZOO sign. Zoo’s are not one of my favorite things. I’m too soft-hearted to see animals in pens instead of out in the wild being wild animals. Come to find out, most of the animals here are rescue animals and that made it better for me to go with the family to see the caged up animals. Here are a few.

Pair of Eagles. They gave us a treat and sang for us.
Shy cougar that didn't want his picture taken.
Red Fox
White Wolves. There were quite a few here. Males and females in separate pens.

This bear was outside a pen and called to Courtney to come for a ride. She’s still my little granddaughter! There were a couple of pens of bears. We also saw raccoons, badgers, birds, and a buffalo. The kids had a good time!

We are off to San Diego tomorrow so beach photo’s coming up!

Life is good. God’s plan is best!


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