A Trip To The Mojave Desert

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As you all know, I am down in the southeastern part of California visiting my daughter and grandkids. Yesterday we were able to get outdoors and go Geocaching. The weather has changed drastically from 90’s to the 70’s and it allows us to be able to get outside without cooking. So we jumped on it!

Lesa has gotten into Geocaching big time and has 11 caches scattered out in the desert. The kids enjoyed these adventures at the beginning but now they aren’t as excited as their mom! We had some good hikes through the desert trying to find the treasures.

Lesa finds a cache.


Dustin and Courtney walking back from trying to find a cache.


Getting over it…..

Dustin trying to catch some zzzzzz's.


A teenage look!


After running around the desert we headed off to Barstow to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and satisfy the shopping bug Courtney is feeling. Our next stop, Peggy Sue’s Diner and a surprise is waiting for us.

Peggy Sue’s Diner is located in Yermo, a town that isn’t a town, if you know what I mean. Maybe just an exit off I15 to Las Vegas. Peggy Sue’s theme is the 50’s. She was once in the movies and now is a restaurateur. She has also put a “Diner-Saur” Park out back with ponds, ducks, turtles and statues of an alligator, turtle, King Kong, dinosaurs and more.

Court catching a ride.


Lesa and I were walking the paths around the pond when she spotted what she thought was a baby duck. She went to pick it up and it was a very small kitten. Of course, our hearts melted at the sight. The umbilical cord was still attached so this kitten was just days old. We took it into the restaurant to report it to the employees and we found out there were cats all over the place and they had seen these kittens. Now, it was so cold out and this little kitten was like ice. We also found out there was another outside and our waitress went and got it.

Two black kittens


No one in the restaurant wanted the kittens as we were trying to give them away. So we brought them home. Lesa bought a couple of bottles and some milk so we could feed them. She posted free kittens on Facebook and then put them up on Bookoo.com and she got several replies about how she was going to care for them; was she going to dump them(????); and finally a woman who wanted them. Within 20 minutes of getting home, the kittens had a home. Our surprise!!!!

But back to Peggy Sue’s. The first waitress was very rude to us when we first arrived. She wouldn’t even seat us. Don’t know what was up with her. So we chose a booth in a room without customers. We sat for a while waiting for the rude waitress to come take our order but she never showed. We did get a gal who was totally cool. She got us a box for the kittens and some warm milk. The kittens really grabbed her heart, but not enough for her to take them!!!!

I ordered a James Dean Bacon Burger with two sides – curly fries and a salad. It came with American Cheese (which I detest) so asked for cheddar. When she delivered our meals, my hamburger had American Cheese on it. She apologized and took it back saying that she would tell the cook I was allergic to the cheese so he would make a new burger.

When she came back with my “new” burger, it had cheddar cheese on it and she explained to us how she made this transaction between her and the cook work. She told us that the cook, who is a really, really Mexican understood allergic so he would change the cheese. Oh, we got such a laugh from her. She was one of those people who is chatty and real, innocent and open. She was trying to tell us the cook was one who didn’t speak much English, so he was really, really! She made the meal fun!

Chubby Checker came on the radio and I told the family how I won a twisting contest in the 8th grade and got a “soap on a rope” as a prize. Courtney wanted to know how to twist so we got up  and I was able to show Courtney how to do the twist!!! Yep, right there in the restaurant. (No one was in the dining room!!! 🙂 )

This restaurant was huge with two dinning rooms, about 4 pairs of bathrooms, a gift shop, counter seating and ice cream parlor. Lesa found this in the gift shop and wanted to get it for Dale!

Umm...Dale is the Grump (Old) and I am the BEAUTIFUL PERSON!!!!

So that was our day. A very good day.

Life is good! God takes care of even little kittens.



3 thoughts on “A Trip To The Mojave Desert

    Sue said:
    October 5, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    I love 50’s diners!!! There is one in Frost Proof, FL, called the Frost Bite!! Great food and even better ice cream. Looks like you all were having a blast…well, except for the teenaged granddaughter!! Don’t know why they just won’t smile!

    tinycamper said:
    October 5, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Oh, Gwen…. gorgeous hiking scenery, family, a darling little waitress and precious kitty rescues… what a perfect day you shared with us! Thanks! 🙂

    Dawn said:
    October 6, 2011 at 9:47 am

    God bless you all for taking on the responsibility of finding a good home for those helpless little kittens. I wonder where the mother cat was and how many more kittens there are. It seems like the people you talked to at the restaurant seemed to think the kittens were just like so much garbage and they couldn’t be bothered. Sad. I hope that wasn’t the case.
    Wishing you more fun and adventures with those grandkids!

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