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Just a note to let you all know what is happening!

I am at Ft. Irwin visiting my daughter and grandkids (teenagers). Way too hot down here which means we can’t go outside to do much. It is suppose to cool down this coming week so that will be nice to go out hiking and geocaching.

Everything is going good in Lodi. Sandy is busy reupholstering our theater chairs; Dale is cutting down trees and fixing the RV where the blowout damged the rig; Doris is busy with her many activities and cooking for her men; and Dale is taking part in the church choir.

I hope to get the girls beading and crocheting this month! I brought all my supplies. Lesa has a sewing machine she is going to let me use while she is in Germany. I hope to see if quilting is something I might like to do.

The kids bought some new bikes and I brought mine down so we are biking at night when it isn’t so hot. My shoelace wrapped around the bike chain and I went off the back on the wrong side and fell. I have a big goose egg on my shin and my left side is tender. I didn’t lose any skin though!

I’m going to offer up my services to the kids and help them get ready sorting their things into a 1) storage pile and a 2) go to Germany pile. This will be interesting.

John is doing good in Korea and really would like to be home.

That’s my news!


One thought on “Twitter Post

    Sue said:
    October 1, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    Sounds like you are really staying busy…just helping the kids sort things will be crazy!!! Hope you are feeling better and not too sore! Have fun teaching the kids beading and crocheting!!

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