Sardine Lake

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We gave ourselves a present and went away from Lodi for a week in the mountains. We headed back to the area where we work-camped last year. However, we went up higher in the Sierra’s and camped where our old boss is host. Wayne and Char work for CLM as camp hosts and site manager. We were able to get a great spot right next to them, yet almost by ourselves.

We weren’t there more than 5 minutes when the forest aroma’s and the fresh air was a delightful sense. Then the rains came. A huge storm system was coming through with lightening and thunder and buckets full of rain. I’m sure it was needed but it played heck with setting up! It was so refreshing.

The week was filled with almost NOTHING! I was able to sit outside each day – a balmy 70+ degrees and no mosquitoes! I knitted and read and spent part of the afternoon chatting with Char. Dale was able to get on his bike and go for a ride on familiar roads.

We really did enjoy the quiet and blackness of night – two important factors to RVers. The birds were happily singing each morning. We even had some spring flowers like paint brush and daisy’s flowering in September.

Morgan and I hiked to Sand Pond and then on the interpretive walk that doubled back to Sand Pond. One morning we all got up and hiked to Sardine Lake. The trails were very nice and Morgan was delighted to be out again in surroundings she knew. We left Annie home with the folks and she was pretty upset with us when we got home. She didn’t like her home

not being out front where she knew it should be!

Enjoy the photos. We are looking forward to another “vacation” in the future.

Our camp spot-#17.


Sunset after the storm. Lightening was still running through this cloud.


Dogs aren't allowed in this Sand Pond Lake. That's the Sierra Buttes in the background. Snow or glaciers are still up there.


A lot of the hike was on this boardwalk that goes through the marshes the beavers created back in the 1980's. The beavers are now gone. Morgan got on here and just ran her little heart you - back and forth, back and forth.


A creek from Sand Pond ran along side the campground. Morgan found this spot and went swimming. The funny thing she did the next day made us laugh. She went to this spot, stuck her paw in the water as if to test the temperature and then ran back to Dale. She did not go swimming that day.


This huge meadow was on both sides of the boardwalk. If you look up at the mountains, imagine a mine up there back in the 1800's. There was also another mine on the other side of this mountain in Downieville.


This part of the trail was a ditch used back in the 1800's to get water to the mines. We also walked near where glaciers carved out the earth and deposited debris on each side of it.


Dogs aren't allowed in this lake. That's the Sierra Buttes in the background. Snow or glaciers are still up there. People were out fishing the lakes.


Sardine Lake


Dale and Morgan.


Boats lined up to rent on Sardine Lake. They also rent cabins.


Life is good! God is good.


One thought on “Sardine Lake

    tinycamper said:
    September 25, 2011 at 12:06 am

    Gwen, the scenery is gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing your get-away with us! Just looking at the pictures refreshed me.

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