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Here we are in Lodi, California with Dale’s folks and two sets of friends show up. Now, I call that blessed.
Being a full-time RVer, it is hard to keep a friendship going because of moving all the time. Yes, we have friends back home and it is easy to keep in touch through email and phones. I guess the same can be said by our RV friends, but meeting face to face doesn’t happen because of being in different states and/or places.
We just spend a day with Janet and Ralph and their grandkids because they flew for a visit from South Dakota. It was fun being with our traveling buddies again and our visit brought back good memories of our times together these last 6 months.
Yesterday we met up with our old bosses from our California job last year. They came to Sacramento for some R & R and called us to get together. We met them in Elk Grove at Red Robin for a late lunch and took up a table for a few hours while we caught up on their summer and job and what we have been doing.
We had a great time remembering and just touching base with them. We hope to spend a week with them next month as we take off for some R & R.
Good friends are the best and very much appreciated especially when being on the road.
Life is good and God blesses us when we least expect it.


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