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When Doris suggested she get tickets for a dinner put on by her church, Dale and I didn’t know what we were getting into! The title of the even was International Food Festival. So we got all dolled up in our casual clothes and headed to Temple Baptist Church. The one exciting thing about this dinner is that Dale Sr. was going and it was his seconded event out of the house and his first time back at church.

Dale Sr. gets out to socialize!

People were very glad to see him! I was introduced to so many people who I will not remember one single name again!! It was good to see a big smile on his face and to see him out and about. Of course, he was in his wheel chair powered by his engine, Dale Jr.

What a wonderful evening we had. Represented in the food department was Italy, Hawaii, Philippians, Germans, Germans from Russia and Mexico. The way they worked it is we went to a country and got our plate full and then come back and taste the delights made by some very talented cooks. Then go to another table.

We had dishes like Chicken Hawaiian Salad (which was grapes, walnuts, orange juice, pineapple), Kalua Pig in a Slow Cooker, and Hawaiian Pineapple Poke Cake – from Hawaii.

Italian foods were Chicken Carbonera, a cherry tomato with cheese on top drizzled in oil and some sort of dessert from the 1940’s with chocolate.

Philippians gave us Filipino Chicken Adobo that was poured over rice and absolutely delicious. They served a Filipino Lumpia and a Rice Cake. South Africa is one I don’t remember because I was too full to eat there. German food was sauerkraut that was so sweet and delicious. We asked for the recipe and were told “the kraut if from Costco and cooked in a slow cooker.” So I need to see if the Costco Kraut had something else in it because it was delicious. Brawats were served with cheese buttons and  apricot Kuchen. All delicious. The Germans from Russia served potato balls and two types of meat with a celery salad.

Even though we were served small portions we were all stuffed by the end of dinner. It was all so good.

Next came the entertainment and we were surprised once again. Solo’s, hula dancers of which one was about 11, Philippian dancers and a 6 year old who sang a Lady GaGa song, I am sure. She was so cute.

We had a very enjoyable evening out with the folks. Then home to water the yard. Watering is every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Life is really good! God is awesome.


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