Free Chicken Dinner

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Have you all noticed in your ads that Safeway has a $5 Friday sale? We have. And we like to take advantage of it when there is something we want.

Well, I have found out the hard way that you have to really watch those checkers because a lot of items on the sale are charged their regular price OR they mix up all flavors of the brand on sale and I end up picking the item NOT on sale – just going by the sign under the product that says $5. Safeway is sneaky that way. I have learned to read the ad carefully and all the small print.

Doris, has also learned to take the ad with her and make sure she gets what is advertised for $5. So yesterday when she bought the $5 cooked chicken she was ready for them. You got it. The price came up with the “normal” price and she was on it like ant on a picnic. However, (listen carefully so you will learn this trick) she mentioned to them 1) You embarrass me because I have to complain about the charge 2) When S-Mart down the road does this they give me the item free and the amount of the item.

Well, Safeway couldn’t let S-Mart down the road make them look bad. Doris got the chicken for free (she wishes now she would have gotten two of them) and her money back AND a $3 tip.

She can’t wait to tell her daughter!

Dinner was delicious – and FREE!


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