Down With Another Week

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Another week has flown by. They seem to be all out racing for the prize as summer is going to give way to fall here pretty soon. It seems like we just started 2011! I say all this because the kids have returned to school here in Lodi already.

This week saw us cleaning out the spare room in the garage and piling up stuff that hasn’t been touched for 30 years! Isn’t that our way sometimes? We also did some yard work. Dale Sr. has apple trees, plum trees, lemon trees, peach trees and a tangerine tree that all needed some trimming. We also have piles of stuff sitting around the yard that need to go to the dump.

Our most exciting event was putting this old recliner out on the curb with a free sign and betting how long it would take to disappear! It didn’t go the first day but when Dale put it up on craigslist and freecycle it was gone.

Friday we drove to Tracy to meet up with Ralph and Janet, our traveling buddies. They brought their grandchildren with them so we were able to meet Josh. We had previously met Julia in Graeagle last year. We had lunch at Strings and lots of chatting and catching up with each other. Then off to buy school clothes for the kids. Julia knew what she wanted and found it at Target. Josh was another story. Josh is 4 and knew exactly what he wanted – soft and fuzzy pants and an action figure on his shirt. We have our fingers crossed that what he purchased is okay after getting them home.

Our day ended with a free chicken dinner….more on that later.

Ralph, Julia, Josh and Janet. We need to change Ralph's start with a J!

One thought on “Down With Another Week

    Dawn said:
    August 7, 2011 at 10:49 am

    I think Ralph could be Jeeves. What do you think?


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