Woodworking Class 101

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Everything is moving right a long here in Lodi, California. The weather is holding off its triple digits and the mornings are quite cool. I guess school starts here today. Maybe that will cut down on the amount of traffic going past our bedroom window!

This is where we are right now.

Only one side of the house has a fence and a gate. The other side of the house is open to the front and the busy road. We let the dogs (Morgan and Amika) out back to do their business and sometimes forget about them and they come out front. So Dale was going to put up the chain link fence that is rolled up and propped against the neighbors fence. However, Dale, Sr. had other ideas. (That’s what happens when one sits all day with nothing to do!)

Eddie, Sandy and Kristin came over on Saturday to help around the house. Sandy is Dale’s sister and Kristin is his niece. Dale, Sr put Eddie to work, with Dale, and by the end of the day and many trips to Lowe’s the fence only needed a gate (which Dale finished on Sunday). Ben, Dale’s son also came to Lodi to be with his grandparents and he helped out also.

Dale, Sr gets out to supervise!

The finished product!

Now, our dogs are safe from their masters poor memory! And we can keep them outside longer.

Good job, guys.

Life is good! God is power and strength!


3 thoughts on “Woodworking Class 101

    tinycamper said:
    August 1, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    Looks like a snug home! Hope you all are happy and content. 🙂

    Dawn said:
    August 2, 2011 at 9:46 am

    Glad your animals will be safe from the dangers of traffic now. Also good to see Dale’s father getting outside and taking an interest in the fence. I think his idea of adding a gate is a good one. I’ll bet it gets used more often than you might think. I noticed in the fence building pictures, that the ground is all dirt. Is there no grass in the back yards in Lodi? Is that area desert like?
    God grant Dale’s father contnued improvement and bless all who are helping in his care, so that he may become as independent as possible.


    Gwen said:
    August 2, 2011 at 10:59 am

    Dawn, thank you so much for your heartfelt encouragement! We are aiming for that goal of being “independent.” He can now dress himself and he washed himself in the shower this morning. He will never be totally without some kind of help as his legs won’t hold him up. He is full of water and no one knows why.

    Lodi is in the middle of grape growing land. Dale’s dad chose to plant fruit trees in his backyard (which isn’t all that wide. He also has raspberries out there and a shed. They have been here since 63 and probably the last 10 years has not seen much care or improvement. That’s changing!!!

    Again, YOU are much appreciated.

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