What Is That Smell?

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Things are going pretty good at the Prohaska Sr house. A routine has been established for Dale Sr and he seems to be getting along. Some days we have to “push” but he takes it well.
Dale has installed 50 amps to the RV so we have air conditioning now. I am told it can get up to 110 in the summer but so far the temps haven’t been that bad.
So, what is that smell? There are times when I go outside and it smells like a bakery is close by but that isn’t so as we live in a residential area. However, I thought some ingenious woman had a good thing going for herself in her kitchen!
Then Dale came in one night and said “It smells like Cheerios outside” and it hit me. General Mills is about a mile west of us and I am smelling cereal being made. I guess if there has to be a smell in the air this one beats out a dairy!
Life is still good if not a little hectic right now. God is blessing in so many ways!


One thought on “What Is That Smell?

    dreamtramper said:
    July 19, 2011 at 9:28 am

    If it’s as dry as we’ve been up to last week, I’d say it was grass burning from the heat !! You could actually smell it in my backyard a couple of weeks ago !!

    Thank God for rain — and a lot of it !!! Ronnie’s actually mowing for the 1st time this whole summer ! Anyone not believing in God should watch burned, dried up, brown grass resurrect after a couple of rains! Amazing Grace !


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