California or Bust

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Well, that could be our motto as we traversed I80 across the country. Out of Winnemucca, NV we had a blow-out on our right back tire. It took out the molding, a shackle and put a dent in the fender. We can say it wasn’t bad as compared to some that had terrible rig damage. What took so long was getting the shackle replaced. Like 6 hours – I think. Triple A was helpful but not so much when it came to fixing us and getting us on the road. They dinked around trying to find someone who could make the part on a Saturday afternoon. Finally, we called for a trailer tow and when the guy came out he said “We can make that.” I almost wanted to shoot him! However, he didn’t come with anything to change the tire so didn’t know how he was going to get us on his trailer. Duh?
We are in Lodi, parked beside the folks home. Dale is busy dealing with all that needs to be done about getting his dad home tomorrow. Equipment mostly – hospital bed, ramp, wheel chair. Stuff like that to make his dad’s life easier.
Morgan has deserted us. She loves the grandparents house. I miss her! I am use to waking up to her being here and discussing our day. I guess I will go kidnap her.
We are slowly getting settled in. I am cleaning everything. After 7 months on the road this place needs a good clean out.
The weather has been cooler than normal but guess that changes next week. We have enjoyed the coolness.
Life is good. God is mercy and peace. May His mercy and peace fill your life.


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