Meridian, Idaho

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We made it! 1800 miles, crossing 5 states from east to west and as many major rivers, visiting 7 state all together. We begin our journey in Indiana on June 29th and arrived in Meridian, ID on July 5. We did take a 3 day rest in Wyoming and decided we need to come back to Wyoming and explore more thoroughly. We still close to 500 miles to go to get to Lodi – sometime next week.

We had been in constant contact with my son David and we got a text that the grandkids, Melanie and Jacob, were still in Salt Lake City. They were visiting their aunt and uncle and cousin the last two weeks.. Since we were so close we swung by and picked them up. It was fun having them to myself all day long. Morgan had a hard time sharing the backseat with them but they soon learned they could cover her with their pillows and go to sleep. She was most patient with them. However, we finally moved Morgan to the front seat to give them more room to rest and now I think Morg thinks she needs to be up front. NOT!

We arrived at our favorite RV Park (really!) and found it is now a KOA. We saw $$$ signs flash before our eyes. With our Escapee discount (yes they honored that) it is still a good chunk of change per day. We stay here because it is close to the kids house and just across the way from WinCo! Yeah we are back in WinCo country!

David came over and cleaned up our computers. He changed phone services so he was helping the kids set up their new phones. They are pretty cool I must say. But he is on Sprint and Sprint isn’t RV friendly.

Out to dinner and then Dale and I stayed up way to long watching the Tour de’ France.

Life is good and family is awesome!


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