Let’s Have a Chat

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  • The sun and blue sky are out after all the rain and clouds that came through the last few days. I even took my hot water bottle to bed with me last night it was that chilly.
  • Dale is installing struts on our hatch doors today. One improvement Carriage has made to their units. The wind broke our hatch latch when we were staying at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds. Nice improvement.
  • We toured the carriage plant day before yesterday and saw the assembly line. Carriage makes only pre-ordered units now and they make 4 units a day. While we were there they were pushing out 2012 Carriages with a new floor plan. These were for the dealers.
  • Neither one of us has been doing any crafts. Too busy being tourists.
  • Dale has fallen in “love” with northern Indiana. Me, well, I have seen other areas I like better.
  • We both decided we will miss the Amish people.
  • We did it again! We will be traveling the last week of Wimbledon. We won’t get to see the round of 16, quarter finals or semi finals. Hope to catch the finals while in Boise.
  • Dale decided our path back to California via Boise is about the same as his descendants took when they left Indiana in the 1800’s. I bet they wished they had had a motor! 🙂
  • We haven’t had a report on Dale’s dad in a few days. I guess no news is good news in this situation.
  • We went to Elkhart yesterday which is almost to Goshen and went through the RV – MH Hall of Fame it was pretty neat seeing the 1910, 1920 RV’s. Not a big exhibit but put together very nicely.
  • Between Dale and our GPS, Jack/Jill, we went in circles through Elkhart!
  • I made chicken enchiladas the other night that turned out delicious. I used a green sauce rather than the red sauce. The green sauce gave it a more mild and tasty flavor. Thanks to Janet.
  • My daughter is missing her kids who are visiting Oregon with their dad.
  • My son has lost 50 pounds. I think he gave them to me.
  • Now to go walk around the park after that remark!
  • Life is good. God has a plan for you!

One thought on “Let’s Have a Chat

    dreamtramper said:
    June 25, 2011 at 9:43 am

    So glad you are having a good time — tell Dale we fell in love with North Indiana too and are going back for sure.

    And as the ladies in Central Mississippi Correctional Facility where I do prison ministry say, “GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME — ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD !!!

    Traveling Mercies,

    Anne & Ronnie

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