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While our rig was getting worked on we went to Shipshewana to tour MENNO-HOF. Click on MENNO-HOF to learn about it beginnings and what they are about.

The building itself was a barn-raising that took one day to put up the structure. It took another year and a half to make it functional. The mallet that was used to put in over 1000 pins hangs proudly in the exhibit.

Admission to the tour was $6.50 each – no senior discount. It was worth it. They have taken a lot of time to detail and dollars to show us the history of these two cultures.

We thought we were going to just do the “on your own” tour but they had different rooms with different themes to show the history of the Amish and Mennonites. Our first room showed us where the Amish came from, where they started and why they left.

The second room showed us the beginning starting with their foundation – Christ. Also, an important factor in the split with the Catholics over infant baptism. They felt a person should be able to choose to be baptized. The bottom line really sought separation of church and state in more than 1000 years and to bring back purity in the church. This room took us from Christ to 16th century Reformation.

The third room was the Garden Room complete with fountain.

The Anabaptist movement began in Zurich, Switzerland on January 21, 1525 when this group baptized adults who made a voluntary confession of faith. This simple act started a religious persecution by the authorities of the Catholic and Protestant.

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