A Quickie

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We are at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds after bailing our rig out of RV jail.

The work on the slides went pretty fast and they found problems with the kitchen slide and fixed that. Yahoo. The gear was off a tooth so the top was coming in farther than it should. We were so afraid it was bending the slide. They also rotated the tires and check everything under there which was good.

We have a very nice spot at the fairgrounds to call home for the next day or so. Everyone was very friendly and helpful while checking in. A storm is supposed to be coming and we have directions to those facilities that are strong enough to make it through a tornado. Sure hope we don’t have to use them! 🙂

Of course this photo doesn't do the sunrise justice. The sun was a huge bright pink ball this morning. Orange I know. Pink, hummm.


And the moon was still awake. Notice the clear sky. Not so in the west or the east.

One downfall of this place is the trains. We are very close to a very busy train route and the trains zoom by. At least they don’t rock the rig. However, they seem to be coming  at 10 to 15 minutes intervals. Sigh. The truck gets worked on tomorrow and the Hughesnet tech is coming to see what is going on with our internet. It is so strange. When we move it works for about 3 days and then it is a struggle to keep it working. People think we are “strange” saying this but really, that is what happens. So we hope that it starts acting up for the guy otherwise….Sometimes I wish we had Verizon but know that we can’t get service everywhere we go like with Hughesnet. But back to the trains, we will be out of here tomorrow afternoon!

We are off to Shipshewana today to go to the bulk store and the bead shop. I have been up since about 4:30 am so I think that will probably be enough shopping for me. Dale wants to spend the day so he might just get to do that on his own. 50% chance of rain today so I think being ‘snug as a bug in a rug’ in my RV would be heaven!

Life is good! God loves unconditionally!


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