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We are sitting in the parking lot to Fox RV. They have so graciously let us park here until Monday when they will fix our slides. One of Carriages weak points is their slide motor mounts. They just won’t hold. We are going to have them look at our kitchen slide too because our dealer in Oregon jury-rigged it and it doesn’t slide in properly. We hope this will cure the slide problem once and for all. Fox RV has been recommended by the Carriage forum as “the Carriage slide guru” and we were fortunate enough to be in the area when our slide decided it didn’t want to work the way it should any more.




We are also on a road with many Amish/Mennonites living on it. Elkhart County has a huge population. So we get to watch all the buggies go by. Here are some photo’s of the different types of transportation they use.


Smaller horse, barley a two seater cart. One lady had her knitting in her lap. This looks like a "girlfriend" day to me!


Those seat look suspiciously like car bucket seats. Pretty innovative.




I don't know why but I think "John Deere" with this cart.

We are between Middlebury and Goshen, out in the country. We have been enjoying the country-side with its farms, corn fields, silo’s cows and horses. Indiana is indeed flat but lush with green trees, grasses and corn fields.

Going north on Indiana 15

Our first day here was spent in Middlebury checking out the little shops and eating at Das Dutchman Essenhaus. They had a good buffet and bakery. I did go through their quilt store and it was just lovely. My eye caught a quilt craft that doesn’t require a sewing machine so I may have to go back and buy those supplies. We also went into the local hardware store. Can’t pass up a chance to one of our favorite pastimes!

Saturday, Dale did his 100 mile bike ride and got to see more of the little towns dotting this area. He started about 7:30 am and finished about 3:25 pm. He is even up and around today but wants to stay home and do a few things. At some point today I know I will find him on the couch with his eyes closed.

After our fix on Monday we plan to move to the Elkhart County Fairgrounds for a few days while the truck gets worked on. Our cruise control works when it wants and the truck needs an oil change. We might get the air conditioner serviced since the truck is 7 years old. I sure hope it doesn’t start nickel and dimeing us!

Life is still good and lovely. God is to be praised for His mercy and grace.


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