Believe Part 2

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To finish up our time in Indianapolis at the Lucas Oil Stadium take a gander at these photo’s. I imagine this is as close as we will come to getting into an NFL stadium but we are going to try for a game somewhere at sometime.

The Quarter Back Suite


Even the carpet is a loyal fan.


Inside the QB Suite. Bar, food, TV's, you name it $400 buys it.


View from the QB Suite. Awesome, huh?


The window you are looking through here is the front of the stadium. This window opens and is in three panels. I can’t remember the dimensions but it is***HUGE***

View from the Quarterback Suite. Leather seats here. See Dale sitting there enjoying comfort?


Once you enter this room you are not allowed out until the game is over. No bathroom. Guards are posted so no one enters that shouldn't and no one gets out.


They showed us where the press camps out during a game. They probably have the best view of the whole stadium because they are up so high. The suites there were small and not at all like the Quarterback Suite.

Umps check all players to see if they are suited up correctly. Otherwise they get the boot.


In the hallway to the tunnel where the teams hit the field there are signs about conduct, no gambling, etc players can read before the game.

Notice the guard rails. Concert people can bring their 18 wheelers into the stadium. Guard rails protect the walls.


Yep, that's us. Two happy people!


Home of the Indiana Indians minor league baseball.


Life is awesome! Well, maybe not when you are in RV jail waiting for the RV to get fixed.

Actually, I am sitting here at the table watching the buggies and open buggies go by. This 2-seater open-aired cart went by being pulled by a Shetland pony with two women in it. One lady was holding her yarn on a spinner. Was cute.


2 thoughts on “Believe Part 2

    Ralph said:
    June 18, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    Yesterday we toured the Iowa Speedway with the Iowa Wild Roses and as usual I forgot the camera! Hope to get some pictures from one of the guys that went with us. The Indy cars are racing there next weekend (Danica Patrick) and I am thinking about going.

    Gwen said:
    June 18, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    Did you have your shoes on Ralph! Sounds like fun and hope you get to go. Car races are just not my thing. Boring! LOL

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