The Sign Says “Believe”

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After getting settled in our spot at Mounds State Park we took a drive to Indianapolis which was about 30 miles away. We had our list of what we wanted to do there and plugged addresses into the GPS so we wouldn’t get lost. (I can hear you snicker over that one.)

I will just take you on a photo tour.



Indianapolis skyline.


Notice the crane in the top right corner. They were working on the War Memorial so we couldn't climb the 640 steps to the top.

Be sure to click on these sweep photo’s to enlarge! Actually, you can click any photo to enlarge. Just remember to come back so see everything!!! 🙂

Entrance to Lucas Oil Stadium


After entering the stadium this is what greets you. Yes, that is a Lucas Oil gas pump sitting there.


Waiting to begin our tour.
Going out onto the field - the players use this tunnel.


Just a note…as were were standing on the field (isn’t that so exciting!!!) we notice how soft it was. Of course the tour guide (Jerry) told us how it was made. Then he explained how the field was treated with antibiotics after each game. Then he asked how they got the field so soft and I blurted out “Downy.” You know, one of those non-thinking moments when you wish you would have kept your mouth shut. Yep, I was right. They spray the field with downy. I guess I won’t be all that concerned about an injury when a guy hits the turf.

The visiting teams locker room.


Maybe your favorite NFL star showered here.


This is all we got to see of the Colts locker room.


Then up stairs we go. Stadium is 33 stories high. We went to the top. That’s where the press room is and the suites. Awesome view from up there.

I will need to leave you here. We are moving today so need to get going. Off to Middlebury and Goshen. Have a great day and more photo’s tomorrow.

Life is good! God knows you are beautiful!


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