From the Smokies to Corvettes

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The heat has followed us from the south border of Tennessee to the southern border of Kentucky. Today we see a little chink in its otherwise hot, hot armor as the wind blows and clouds skitter across the sky.

Last post was words. This post will be the photos.

Campground in Columbia. A COE park that was very nice. Friendly hosts.


Campground at Barren River Lake State Park. We all agreed this is the worst park we have stayed in the last 6 months. Overpriced, not kept up, and campsite not level. The campgound made for a great walk though.


We didn't eat here but thought this was a cute sign. In Bowling Green we shopped and ate. They put a new spin on "fast food" by having someone seat you and serve you on plates (Steak and Shake) and a fast food Italian that was excellent.


The tour of the Corvette Plant was excellent. Alas, no photos could be taken. We were bummed on that because, as you know, we like to show you all what we do. We had to settle for this.

Bowling Green is where we had to part from the Kings. They are off to St. Louis and Iowa while we are headed to Indiana to tour where our 5ver was made and get our slide fixed by the “only” person who has come up with his own fix to Carriage’s slide problem. Then we are touring the RV Museum.

At this writing, though, Dale’s father is in the hospital with some health problems. Please keep him in your prayers. Dale is his name. We don’t know if we have to head back to Lodi or not. We are praying he gets fixed and is back home shortly. Prayers are with you Dad.



3 thoughts on “From the Smokies to Corvettes

    Dawn said:
    June 3, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    My sister has a white ’81 corvette. She got it as a gift from her ex husband while they were still married. I don’t live close to her, but I did get to ride in it once. I thought it rode too low to the ground. I really didn’t get the fascination for them. If someone gave me one, I would take it, but I wouldn’t buy one. My sister is crippled with MS now, so she does not drive it anymore. It is stored in her garage. She did let a nephew use it for prom a few years ago. That was a thrill for him.
    Sorry to hear about Dale’s dad. I pray things turn out well for him.

    Gwen said:
    June 3, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    There was a corvette in the museum from 1984 that someone donated. It had 12000 miles on it. I’m with you. I wouldn’t go out and buy one. They are pretty cool but who needs speed. Or the insurance payment!!! Thanks for your good thoughts for Dale’s dad.

    Sue said:
    June 3, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    Add my prayers for Dale too!

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