Barren River Lake State Park, Kentucky

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The day we left Columbia our drive was a mere 57 miles away. Our morning was a “take it easy” morning and we got on the road when we were good and ready to! Stopped off at a great Supercenter Wal-Mart for some produce and got on the road. The countryside is such a lush green. At times we were reminded of our own state, Oregon, a few times with all the green.

We blew by the road into the park and had to turn around. Part way to the U-turn we ran in to the Kings that blew by the sign also. The park was empty except for the host and a couple of rigs. Our campsite was at the end on this mound. The mound down the middle with roads on both sides of it reminded me of the mounds we saw on the Trace that the indians built to live on. Steep side up and steep side down with what we were hoping was level in the middle. Ralph had quite a time getting into his site and not falling off the 5 or 6 inch asphalt they built up.

Our site was a bit different. We are on the end of this mound. No problem or so we thought until we pulled in and tried to level the rig. The downward slope was way down. Dale had to dig out a couple of holes to put the tires in to get the rig sort of leveled. It is sitting up so high on the one side that a gust of wind would knock it over.

That was our first challenge for the day. It took Dale most of the afternoon to get the rig situated and it was very frustrating. Then came the news that tornadoes were headed this way. We found the bathrooms and one was made of brick that we could try to hide out in if a tornado came through. We decided to go to the lodge for dinner and we checked around and they have a basement. The plan was to go up there and spend the evening until 9 pm when the warning was over.

Well, they extended the warning until 4 am the next day. The lady there offered us a good price for a room and we took it. We came home and packed up, got the dog, and went back to the lodge at 11. She told us that the storm had dissipated but still strong winds and maybe hail. We spent the night watching the storm move in. The lightning lite up the sky all around us the lightening was so bad. So was the winds. The rain came but not the hail. We were up at 6 am and headed home to see what damage. We had none. Even the dish stayed put. Dale measure 40 mph winds but I knew they were more than that. Trees and broken off limbs were down through the park. You can go to Dale’s site to see the photo’s he took.

So it was a stressful 18 hours for us. But not as stressful as those people who went through those tornadoes that did touch down. I was a basket case so I don’t know how they do it. Called surviving what life hands you.

We went to Bowling Green twice now. Glasgow once. Dale and the Kings went to the Mammoth Caves. We are enjoying Kentucky.


2 thoughts on “Barren River Lake State Park, Kentucky

    Ralph said:
    May 29, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    And there is a great Golf Course nearby! Only $19 and includes a golf cart!

    tinycamper said:
    May 30, 2011 at 11:51 am

    Gwen, so glad you are safe. Hope your next adventures are a bit tamer and more enjoyable! 🙂

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