Up The Trace to Tupelo

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We boogied out of Jackson on Thursday after the huge storm that came through on Wednesday. Our destination was the Jeff Busby State Park on the Trace. The Trace has 3 parks for camping that are first come first serve sites and they are free. No hookups though so bring your own water.

When we arrived here the camp host stopped us to see if we were staying. She then told us that a camper had died there on Wednesday. A Louisiana Police man camping with his daughter. His daughter was okay. I guess a tree from the high winds fell on him. Oh, man, that was a hard one to hear.

On Friday we left the park, trying to get up the road as far as we could to get out of this state. On the way, we came to Cypress Swamp and got our first real look at a swamp area. There was even a path to walk around the swamp. I did keep my eyes on the forest  side of us for alligators and on the bank for snakes. It was a very beautiful place (maybe because some crazy wasn’t after anyone like in the movies)!

We were out to see an alligator up close! Now, please, be sitting down because I don’t want you rolling on the floor while you laugh your head off. We did get to see an alligator. We were so excited we took dozens of photo’s.

Look on the log.

He/She was so cute. We were told that Mama was around but we never did see a full grown alligator. Rats!

There was beauty here too.

After the walk around the swamp we moved on and our eyes were greeted with a scene that was very hard to comprehend. We were very humbled by what came before us.

We could see on each side of the road how wide the tornado was and where it touched down. One followed the road and then veered off to the right. We picked up the second tornado (2nd photo) down the road and this one sheared off the tops of the trees as you can see. We did see one dwelling that lost part of a roof. It was so amazing to us. Also amazing was that the road was cleared. We had only one delay during the whole trip. We were very somber people as we drove through the destruction.

We arrived in Tupelo and headed for the UPS center to pick up our new Garmin. Yep, Sam is being replaced by Jack. This Garmin is a “life time maps” GPS so we don’t have to pay for updates. The screen is bigger too. On our way to Fulton, MS, we passed one of those signs on the road that tells what food is up ahead. We saw a big yellow star and thought “Carl’s Jr.” Well, in Mississippi they are called Hardees. Same menu, same food. So we had lunch before going to the Whittman Park (Corp of Engineers) to find a spot.

Our campsite is backed up to the trees so we could get internet. We have been having a time because of the dense trees in the parks.  Ralph and Janet are across the street overlooking the Tennessee River. A very nice place. The price was right too – $9 per night with electric and water hook-ups.

Life is good! God is protection.

5 thoughts on “Up The Trace to Tupelo

    Sue said:
    May 1, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    Of course I had to laugh at your gator!!! Want me to send you some pictures of REAL gators??? I felt the same way driving through Birmingham and Tuscaloosa yesterday. Just so much damage. We are having some thunder boomers and lots of rain, but nothing funky…just a good old fashioned front coming in…temps down to 49!

    Dawn said:
    May 2, 2011 at 9:44 am

    Carl’s Jr. is the same as Hardees? I am always learning something from you and Dale.

    Gwen said:
    May 2, 2011 at 10:24 am

    Do I detect you as a Carl’s Jr. fan Dawn?!!! A surprise to us too.

    Dawn said:
    May 2, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    Nope, one of your and Dale’s least favorites, McDonald’s. Don’t eat there often (probably a good thing) as the closest one is twenty miles away. Twenty some years ago, I made the salads at a Hardee’s in Fort Dodge, IA. for a couple of years. What I was surprised to learn is that Carl’s Jr. and Hardees are the same. No Carl’s Jr.s around here. No alligator on the Hardees menu in Mississippi?

    Gwen said:
    May 2, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    We almost ate at McD’s today. $2.99 Big Mac meal deal. I like Big Mac’s but Dale can’t bring himself to eat there. LOL
    Hardee’s has different names for their sandwiches but it all looks the same and tastes the same. They do have the 6 dollar hamburger too.
    Nope, no alligator yet. He had his chance to get some but it was too expensive.

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