Jackson, Mississippi

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We hit the capitol city of Mississippi (after going through Clinton, having a $5 buffet at Kentucky Fried Chicken, and going over some of the worst roads we have been on!) at lunch time on Friday. More on the roads later. This is also a town we have gotten lost in twice. Once with the GPS taking us to the wrong State Park gate and then on our own not finding the right streets to get where we needed to go.

We have encountered the nicest and friendliest people here. One, Bobby, even went out of his way to get us information on things to see in Jackson because the Visitor’s Center was closed. He loaded us up with pamphlets and talked with us about 30 minutes explaining how to get to an organic food store. (That’s where we got lost.)

Saturday we went to the old capitol building which is the second capitol building. This was one experience I am glad we didn’t miss. This is a fantastic building. It is now a museum and is rich in Jackson and Mississippi history.

The ornate decorations make this a beautiful building.
Dale on one of the staircases. The entry way has a stair case on both sides.
Yep, that's me.
The governor's office.
Lot of debating going on here!
Watching a couple of speeches that took place in this room. One speech was to allow the black man to vote.
Memorial to the fallen Confederate solider.

We stopped by the Greenwood Cemetery and walked among the graves of the Confederate soliders. The graves were “unknown” because so many were moved from the battle field where they were buried or just laying there. Another huge memorial had names that they knew of those that died.

Our campsites at Mayes Lake State Park.

And last but certainly not least – a visit from one of my Campground Crafters (Internet forum for crafters and RV’ers), Anne and her hubby Bobby.

Bobbie, Anne, Me, Dale, Janet and Ralph. Where's Morgan? We forgot Morgan!

If we don’t count the many variety of bugs here in Jackson and the high humidity, we are having a good time. Yesterday we found Bass Pro and did some shopping and they had a restaurant. The food was great but the service was lousy. (We were told that service people here in Mississippi are the worst!)

Now about the roads. Dale and I have a large original photo on our bedroom wall that we bought in Enterprise, OR. It is a photo of the Lostine Valley we hiked in. It has been on our wall for about 5 years. After coming into Jackson to the campground it has come off the wall. It even pulled a screw out of the frame. That is how bad the roads are. We thought the roads were bad because Mississippi is the poorest state in the US and fixing them is low on the list of things to do. We found out today that Jackson is built on Yaz00 clay.  This clay is fickle and changes with the weather. It contracts and expands. So, there is no way Jackson can have a nice straight road. We so appreciate the Trace now!

Life is awesome! Christ is risen. Happy Easter.


2 thoughts on “Jackson, Mississippi

    evielynne sanchez said:
    April 24, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    I am sure down south the KFC is so different – not my cup of tea but down there I would so go for it… I love the picture of you on the staircase…. Happy Easter to you too. Please tell Dale thankyou for all the wonderful HELPFUL he gave on Facebook…

    Gwen said:
    April 25, 2011 at 5:47 am

    Evie, KFC was our second choice only because there was a BIG parking lot next to it. Not so with our first choice. What we eat on the run sometimes is determined where we can park two rigs!

    We are so not doing fried anything any more. None of us are use to all that oil in our bodies!

    Sure hope you are feeling better.

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