Livingston, Texas

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We packed up our stuff, hitched up the rig and left Cagle Park yesterday. As always, when we leave a place we really liked, we were sad to go. Darn hitch-itch! When that creeps in its time to go!

We didn’t go too far. Livingston was only about 50 miles or so. We were headed to the Escapees RV Club’s main headquarters. Here is where you can, as a full-time RVer, have your mail sent and forwarded. The center is just across from our campground and you can see huge semi’s delivering the mail each day. The mail is then distributed (probably) around the world.

This park is huge. Over 200 spaces. The lots aren’t leased here but deeded. We noticed, throughout the park, that houses are sprinkled here and there. Not just park models like in the other parks but big houses.

The park has an RV office, clubhouse with library, an activity center with a pool and a couple of laundry rooms. There is also dry camping spots in several places. The one thing that sets this park apart from all the others is the C.A.R.E. center. Here people can come with their rig and enjoy many services provided by volunteers while they recoup from an illness or are going through medical care.  We haven’t been through the facility yet but know from others that it is pretty nice.

We are off to breakfast at the activity center than will take the rest of the day to clean up and do laundry. Chow…

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